LSL Carl Verheyen Special Saticoy Guitar

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Legendary guitarist, Carl Verheyen, has selected LsL Instruments to create the Carl Verheyen Signature Model, the "CV Special".

Carl is known for his discriminating taste in gear. His standards for tone and playability are the highest possible. With that in mind, LsL worked closely with him to create an instrument that would not just be another signature model but would be the guitar that Carl most often reached for when either working on stage or during one of his countless studio sessions.

The LsL CV Special is the result of these efforts.


BODY from the lightest Alder LsL could find.
PICKUPS Carl Verheyen-designed, LsL hand-wound pickups that are based on his '61, with a Slightly hotter bridge pickup.
FRETBOARD Dark, Rosewood, 7.25" radius fingerboard with LsL's "Lowered Apex" fingerboard edges. The "Lowered Apex" creates a rounded transition from the neck to the fingerboard that begins behind the fingerboard and creates a soft, worn-in feel that melts in your hand.
NECK Hand-shaped neck that is based on Carl's '61 which has a medium "C" shape that is about .88" thick at the 3rd fret.
NUT Hand-cut bone nut.
POTS Lower torque Bournes pots for fast, easy controls.
BRIDGE LsL modified Wilkinson, vintage style, bridge with steel block and push-in, adjustable tension tremolo bar and 2-1/8" string spacing. The bridge will feature LsL's modification that replaces the standard, plastic tremolo bar insert with our custom made brass insert. This removes the small amount of play in the trem bar giving it a tighter, more responsive feel. 60's style string tree.
FINISH LsL's thin, NC, checked lacquer finish with very light aging.
COLOURS Available in CV Blue (metallic), Vintage white, and 3-Tone Sunburst.
PICK GUARD LsL 3-ply pickguard.
FRETS Medium high, 6105 nickel-silver frets.
EXTRAS Backplates will feature Carl's engraved signature.

Made in USA, G&G Hard Shell Case will be included. Each finished "CV Special" will weigh in at less than 7.5 lbs.