Bring in your guitar(s) for a no-obligation FREE inspection appointment with us. We pride ourselves with intimate knowledge of all things guitar.

We offer expert advise and honest diagnoses and estimates for all our works. Being custodian for hundreds of rare instruments of all kinds for our museum, you can be assured you are getting the best advice and know how for accessing your guitar condition.

General Services

Instrument String Change Service

  1. Guitar String Change Service for Acoustic Guitar — $25
  2. Guitar String Change Service for Electric Guitar (Without Tremolo/Floating Bridge) — $25
  3. Guitar String Change Service for Electric Guitar with Tremolo — $35

* Includes oiling and general cleaning

Basic Setup

  1. Acoustic Setup to lower action via trussrod adjustment — $35
  2. Acoustic Setup to lower action via trussrod adjustment + lowering of saddle — $55
  3. Electric Guitar Setup (without Tremolo) — $55
  4. Electric Guitar Setup (with Tremolo) — $75

Grooming Services

  1. Level 1 Oiling of fret board/body and general cleaning — $35
  2. Level 1 + Polishing (our special blend and speciality polish/wax/sealant treatment) — $65
  3. Tonerite Treatment to improve tonal quality — $35

Dehumidifying Sessions

  1. Level 1 intervention/prevention (slow dry) 5-7 days — $55
  2. Level 2 intensive treatment 5-7 days — $85
  3. Level 3 Intensive drying + non-invasive compression to lower belly — $150

Our qualified team of repair technicians and luthiers also provide the following works;

  1. Refinishing Work
  2. Touch up and cosmetic repairs
  3. Electronic repairs for electric guitars and amps
  4. Repair and changing of tuners
  5. upgrading and modification works

These works and others not listed require a proper inspection of the said instrument. Please set an appointment with us for a free consultation.