Lizard Spit MP 04 Super-Fine Microfiber Polish Cloth

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Heirlooms Music carries one of the largest collections of prized instruments, including vintage guitars with aged Nitro Cellulose finishes and delicate French polished finishes. We ONLY use Lizard Spit products for all our maintenance and care.

When you have an instrument with a gloss finish — especially if it's black — you know how frustrating fingerprint residue can be. The Lizard Spit Microfiber Polishing Cloth can help you keep your axe clean by quickly picking up fingerprints and fine dust. That's not the only thing this mighty little cloth can do, however. You can use this polishing cloth to apply Lizard Spit's eco-friendly cleaners to your instrument. Here at Sweetwater, we know that keeping your instrument in tip-top shape means a lot to you. That's why we recommend the Lizard Spit Microfiber Polishing Cloth for all of your cleaning needs.


  • Soft microfiber construction is safe on all finishes
  • Perfect for applying Lizard Spit's other cleaners to your trusty axe
  • Great for removing dust, dirt, and skin oils