Lizard Spit MP12 Fresh-N-Easy String Cleaner/Protector Shred Lube - 1.33-oz. Bottle

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Heirlooms Music carries one of the largest collections of prized instruments, including vintage guitars with aged Nitro Cellulose finishes and delicate French polished finishes. We ONLY use Lizard Spit products for all our maintenance and care.

MP12 – FRESH-N-EASY STING CLEANER/PROTECTOR/SHRED LUB – 1.33 oz. String lubricant, organic, eco-safe. Incorporates rust inhibitor that stops the oxidation process. Makes for super-fast playing action / shred faster / smells great.

Nobody likes the grimy feel of strings after a long, sweaty set. Thanks to Lizard Spit's Fresh-N-Easy String Cleaner, this can be a thing of the past! This string cleaner removes playing grime from your strings with ease and includes a rust inhibitor to prevent oxidation and extend your string life. In just a few swipes, your strings will feel slinky, smooth, and brand new. Best of all, it's completely safe on your skin! 


  • Cleans your strings and makes them feel brand new again
  • Rust Inhibitor slows down the oxidation process
  • Keeps strings feeling fresh so you play your best
  • Biodegradable and non-toxic formulation is completely safe to handle and won't harm the environment