Godox LED P260C Light Kit Bundle

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A Light weight, Portable LED light, great for photographers, videographers and streamers!

This is an all in 1 bundle comprising 3 sets of the P260C in a convenient roller bag for easy transportation and storage.

Designed to be portable yet efficient, the LEDP260C Bi-Color LED Light Panel from Godox provides smooth and soft light that is well-suited to small-scale video applications. With a color temperature range from 3300K to 5600K, this rectangular soft panel can accurately match both tungsten and daylight light sources thanks to its high CRI and TLCI ratings of 95 and 94, respectively. Adjustments can be made either on the on-board LCD back panel via two buttons and a dial, or with an included wireless remote that works at distances of up to 20 meters.

The LEDP260C is rated to output up to 2200 lux at 1.6' and 5600K, and allows you to dim it to as low as 10% all the way up to full power. Combined with a low maximum draw of 30W, this makes for a bright yet efficient light source. For powering the panel, an AC adapter is included for connecting to a wall socket, while those looking to take the light out on the field can run it on two optional Sony L-series batteries. The remote control requires two 3.0V AAA batteries, which must also be purchased separately.

This Bundle Package Includes: 

  • 3 x LEDP-260C video light 
  • 3 x AC adapter 
  • 3 x Light Stand
  • 1 x Remote control (controls all 3 lights via channel select)
  • 1 x Roller Bag