D&A Guitar Gear SS-0102 Starfish + Active Guitar Stand

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Five-legged, Ultra-stable guitar stand!

D&A products enhance the safety and security of your instruments, and the Starfish + Active Guitar Stand is no exception. The Starfish stand features five wide-stance angled legs and has been tested to endure over 30 degrees of tilt without tipping over. There's no danger of the head's yoke marring your guitar's finish, thanks to D&A's Grip Friction System, comprised of over-molded soft nodules of thermal plastic elastromer (TPE), a polymer that's safe for all guitar finishes and virtually eliminates the possibility of slippage. When you place your guitar in the yoke, gravity activates the closing of nearly indestructible polycarbonate gates that guard against accidental impacts but still allow your guitar to be seen. The Starfish + Active Guitar Stand's height can be adjusted with a single knob, accommodating instruments of almost any size, and the whole stand folds down quickly to around half its regular size for enhanced portability. D&A guitar stands deliver the support and protection needed for the studio and stage.


  • Ultra-stable single guitar stand supports your axe safely and securely
  • 5 legs take a wide stance to prevent tipping; stable at up to 30 degrees of tilt
  • Grip Friction System, with soft tooth-like nodules, virtually eliminates slippage
  • Contact points are over-molded with non-marring TPE polymer that's safe for all guitar finishes
  • Gravity activated polycarbonate gates guard against accidental impacts and show off your axe
  • Accommodates most guitar shapes and sizes
  • Yoke fits neck thicknesses up to 2-1/8"
  • Fits guitars, basses and ukuleles (varies by headstock shape)