Black Star Fly 3 Acoustic Stereo Pack

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The vintage FLY Acoustic Stereo Pack from Blackstar features a FLY 3 Acoustic mini amp, a FLY 103 Acoustic extension cabinet, and a power supply. It can be used as a 6W stereo amp for guitar or as a music playback system for devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, computers, and more.


The Blackstar FLY 3 Acoustic Amp is a versatile 3W miniature amplifier designed to amplify the sound of your acoustic guitar. It sports a built-in echo effect with time and level controls, as well as a bass knob, a treble knob, and a shape switch for dialing in your desired tone.

Its sealed cabinet is designed to deliver full-bodied sound when you plug in your acoustic or when using an external device such as an MP3 player or mobile phone to play music through the 3.5mm MP3/line input jack. You'll also note the speaker-emulated output jack. This can be used for recording your acoustic or connecting headphones during quiet practice.

Whether you're looking for your first amp or a portable mini amp for busking or practice, the FLY 3 Acoustic is an ideal and stylish tool for any acoustic player who needs portability. 


  • For Use with Acoustic Guitar
  • 3-watt, 3" speaker
  • Shape-select switch, digital echo effect
  • MP3/line-in for jamming along or listening to music
  • Emulated line out for silent practice or recording
  • Revolutionary sonic performance
  • Can Be Used as Portable Speakers
  • FLY 3 Acoustic Guitar Amplifier
  • FLY 103 Acoustic Extension Cabinet

The Blackstar FLY 103 Acoustic Extension

The black Blackstar FLY 103 Acoustic is the official extension speaker cabinet for the FLY 3 Acoustic 3 compact mini amp. The FLY 103 Acoustic comes with its own built-in cable to connect it to the necessary mini amplifier, making it a true stereo setup. In addition to its primary use for acoustic guitar amplification, the FLY 3 Acoustic and FLY 103 acoustic setup can also function as a set of portable stereo speakers to play recorded music from external devices via the MP3 / line-in jack. It can also be used to connect computer speakers.

  • Turns the FLY 3 Acoustic into a 6W stereo setup
  • 3" speaker
  • Use for guitar or as portable speakers / computer speakers