Music Lessons

At Heirlooms, we aim to demystify the learning aspect. Giving a solid foundational knowledge and understanding to all our student. This helps to build their necessary life long characteristic indeed for progression in their musical journey. Yes, you can acquire bad habits that may inhibit the growth and love for playing the guitar.

Our basic beginners classes covers several foundational steps that would ensure continuity and adaptability for our students future, this includes;

1) Introduction and understanding of the instrument
2) Proper handling and techniques for playing
3) Brief history and the evolution of the family of strings (Chordophone)
4) Appreciation of the genre and music history
5) Exploring other musical genres and types of strings instruments (we are unique in this approach as we expose our student to other form of guitar style and genre such as jazz, country, blues, rock, etc)
6) Access and hands-on learning on different strings and rare instruments. (our students gets to experience and play other types of string instrument such as electric, mandolin, banjo etc)
7) Taylored musical lesson for every student to suit their learning capacity and needs.
   a) Chords (Theory and practice)
   b) Rhythm, timing and strumming
   c) Reading of tabs and scores using online resources
8) Advancement for jamming and improvisation with others
9) Mentoring and networking session with other musicians
10) Performances and professional musical career network
11) Advance Classes for finger-style, Jazz and others.
12) Taylor made classes for Worship and Churches

All our students would benefit from our unique Heirlooms Experience;

1) Lesson are conducted within our specially designed acoustic treated rooms. With the full range of instruments and services meant to inspire and groom our students to nurture their interest and love for music.

2) Dedicated qualified teachers whom are carefully chosen for their knowledge, experience and most importantly love of people. We want to keep every lesson a shared journey of discovery and expression. Listening, sharing and having the freedom to ask and express in an unrestrictive environment. We believe in building up lives through such musical interaction.

3) We try to influence and inspire our students to understand different sounds and musics by allowing them to play and try different string instruments; some of these instrument are not easily available anywhere else or is considered rare or prized. Heirlooms Music is one of the few if only setups that wants to put these instruments unto the hands of our students. We hope all our students would be able to engage in a whole sensory experience and be truly inspired.

4) To participate in our on-going jamming and music event. We encourage all our friend and students to play as often and with as many people as possible. This way, besides honing your playing skill, you get to socialise and build up a larger music community!

Please call us at 6282-0228 to start your musical journey with us. We would be delighted to hear from you and introduce you to your teacher in waiting.