MusicNomad Guitar Polish - Pro Strength Formula, 120ml

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Give your guitar a facelift with MusicNomad Guitar Polish! Just work it in and wipe it off - this pro-strength, silicone-free analeptic will restore and revive the dull, hazy, and scuffed surfaces on your guitars, revealing the brilliant shine that's hidden underneath. This remarkable youth tonic is safe for all guitar finishes, whether nitrocellulose, polyurethane, satin, or gloss. MusicNomad Guitar Polish even removes oxidation and restores a brilliant shine to your guitar hardware! 


  • Restores, maintains, shines, and protects your guitar
  • Restores dull, hazy, and scuffed surfaces
  • Removes oxidation from your guitar's hardware
  • Silicon-free with no harsh abrasives

Model : MN101