Jeffrey Yong Tiger Myrtle Special Build

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This is only one of two pieces of special built by the master himself. A truly remarkable piece of artwork where the grains on the back pieces resemble tiger stripes! We were told by the luthier himself, that such wood grain is so rare to come by, that he built a pair as a male and female pair of guitars!

No expense was spared to create a truly breathtaking pieces of art and instruments.

There are many fine luthiers in this part of the world, but none more recognized than Jeffrey Yong for his boldness and accomplishments in the field of guitar making. An intellectual maverick if there's such a thing, who pushes the boundaries of guitar building to include non traditional woods, such as monkey pod, mango, rambutan wood or any other locally available wood species he fancies. Always spirited in his approach (as a fellow Christian) of building guitars and friendships. His generosity to share his experience and knowledge to others, brings people from all over the world to his workshop to learn the crafts of building guitar from the master himself.

We see his creations as a marriage between influences from the East and West. The courage to discover new additions unto old traditions, is exemplary of his character. Jeffrey was indeed different from most traditional builders. There are many great men who changed the course of history for the better throughout their sheer tenacity and willingness to be different to see progress. Jeffrey would rightfully be such a man. To a traditional luthier, Jeffrey would come across as a brave soul, but never one who is content with the status quo. He gained international fame overnight after a famous blind test in 2006 saw his guitars coming up tops, even amongst the very best in the industry.

A known conservationist, Jeffrey champions efforts to reuse fallen trees (due to urbanization) as tonewoods, these would have been slated for disposal. His innovations can also be seen in his more technical aspects of bracing patterns and also within the actual body of bracing, e.g. invention of the fluted bracings and many other such inventions. In his pursuit for more progress, he has allowed many of his inventions to be copied and shared within the luthier community. Come experience these guitars and Jeffrey's amazing philosophy at Heirlooms Music.


Top Bear Claw Sitka Spruce
B & S Figured Tasmanian Tiger Myrtle
Neck 7 piece Nyatoh / Ebony
Bevel Armrest Bevel
Tuner Gotoh Gold Tuners
Fretboard & Bridge MBW
Inlays Abalone
Scale length 25.50"
Bridge Pins Brass
Saddle Bone
Case Hardcase